Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Clip From "Student Confidential"

This clip is unintentionally Lynchian. If you're not the man himself, it's quite hard to be intentionally Lynchian.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gymkata (1985)--2/5

Early in "Gymkata," Olympic gymnast Kurt Thomas takes out some foes by swinging on a pole and kicking them in the face. This sequence bodes well for the film, promising to deliver on the ridiculous premise of kicking butt using tumbling skills.

Sadly, "Gymkata" is more interested in generic karate moves than in anything original. Even when it does later try something new, as in a "pommel horse" fight scene, the filmmaking is just inept enough to mar the enjoyment. As with the pole, the city has a statue that just happens to work as a pommel horse. I can buy that in a film called "Gymkata;" it's like a carefully constructed "Tomb Raider" level. However, the villains surround Thomas and allow themselves to be kicked in the face in one at a time. Extras swinging halfheartedly in the background are more interesting than what we're supposed to watch.

After recently watching a few "MST3K" films, I'll say that the MacGyver-haired Thomas has screen presence, even though he's not a good actor. Since he's been cast for his maneuverability, this works in his favor. Think of him as a Jackie Chan type of actor; he admirably gets from one fight scene to the next.