Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

From the blogs:

"Wow, this is another ambitious Thursday crossword...Nicely done, Gary and Stephen Kennedy!"--Jim Horne, Wordplay.

"Haven't disliked a puzzle this much in a while."--Rex Parker.

From the comments:

"I actually read it the first time thinking Rex was trying some crazy meta experiment to see how many commenters would agree with a clearly incorrect opinion... :)"--Dan, on Rex's Blog.

"The puzzle of the year, so far."--twoberry, on Wordplay.


Orange said...

I feel dissed! How could you not include an excerpt from my Diary of a Crossword Fiend post? This, I think, distilled everything best:

Give a solver enough wine and she will only notice one of the 10 clues doesn't quite work for the given answer.

As someone at Rex's blog said, things like ALPHA and BREEDER work OK without the DOG. Some things I filled in via the crossings (the EAR clue makes no sense for EAR only if you're actually trying to understand the clue, which I barely saw).

Stephen said...

Sorry to DIS you Orange.

I do love your blog.

Two Ponies said...

Brilliant puzzle.
Fun solve and very innovative.
I do hate that song though!

Sylvia said...

I liked it, but perhaps I'm a bit biased. ^_^